Are you a True ZOMBIES Fan? Do you know everything about both of the Disney Zombie movies? Take this QUIZ to find out how much of a TRUE FAN you are!

Featuring characters from the 2 x Disney films such as Addison, Zed, Bucky, Bonzo, Eliza, Zoey, the werewolves and more.

30 x multiple choice questions with pictures. Try to get each answer correct and discover which kind of fan you really are!

😭 Less than 10 correct answers: Come on, you can do better! Try again!
😊 From 10 to 15 correct answers: Nice, you’re the Shrimp Mascot
😁 From 16 to 20 correct answers: Great, you made the cheer team!
😎 From 21 to 25 correct answers: Sweet, you’re the school president!
👑 From 26 to 30 correct answers: Congratulations, you’re the Great Alpha

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★★★★★★★★★★★★ ANSWERS ★★★★★★★★★★★★
##Spoiler Alert##

1. We Got This
2. Bucky
3. Declatation
4. Z-Band
5. Addison
6. Cousin
7. Bite his ear off
8. Because people think they would eat them
9. Meg Donnelly
10. Mighty Shrimp
11. The Powerful Moonstone
12. BAMM
13. Zed
14. Kevin
15. The Shrimp Mascot
16. She needed help with her chemistry homework
17. Milo Manheim
18. Wylda
19. 2018
20. 5pm
21. Bree
22. Zed
23. Willa
24. Someday
25. Vanilla
26. Seabrook Power Plant
27. Become captain of the cheer leading team
28. 100 years
29. Wynter
30. Like Zombies Do

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