This video was recorded with binaural microphone. Use your headphones or earphones on to experience the effect of 3D Sound.

This is the Thailand Street Food Market near Victory Monument Bangkok. I went to Sriwanit Market, is located at Soi Talat Sri Wanit, Din Daeng district of Bangkok. This market is near The Victory Monument. I think this is one of the best morning market in Bangkok. Along the alley, there are a variety of foods, street foods, desserts, pre-cooked food, fruits, vegetables, etc.

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  1. This is a street food market near the Victory Monument in Bangkok. It's around 8 a.m. and it's full of food. Looking at the noisy market like this, it's full of vitality and atmosphere. These days, I feel envious and happy to see Bangkok while watching the crowded subway station in the morning in Korea. It's already been a year since I went to Bangkok. I thought I was going to Bangkok for a year after retirement, but I can't afford to quit the company these days. I'm just trying to get the energy of Bangkok by watching JWINTHAI's video.Thank you.

  2. Amazing thumbnail my friend, I simply had to quick instantly and with haste of squirrel collecting acorns for hibernation. I was not disappointed in the ultimate result of this video either, because it was filled to the brim with successes little seen other videos. These are my favorite types of places to explore, truly, with a certain rugged quality that I always yearn for.


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