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Here is a 101 guide to installing new games, emulators and utilities in the RG350’s internal storage. It’s really pretty easy to do once you know the in’s and outs. This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, but you will have the basics needed to install new software on your favorite handheld.

FYI: You can also install these on the external SD if you would like: I cover it in

Extra (and default) Games and Emulators:

Filezilla (Windows):

RG-350 Driver:

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  1. This video is for installing via USB cable — Super great if you want to set things up on the internal SD, BUT You can also just drop games on to the external TF card if you want to just get things up easy:

  2. Bro I have the Anbernic 350M and I am trying to put a from namco inside a folder I created XMAME in the SD Card, but I can't play the game.

    What should I do next?

  3. thanks for this! just got my pocketgo and installed rogue cfw, i'm not very techy so i was a little daunted by all this at first, but it's a lot simpler than i realised, thanks!

  4. Hi, when i try to transfer an emulated game onto filezilla it has a black circle with a line through it and won't let me drag and drop. Do you have any idea why it won't all it to be transferred?

  5. I couldn't connect to network, it kept saying Error – Connection closed by server on FileZilla. I'm hoping to install Commodore 64 and zx emulators on the RG50. Can I still do that with the external SD card?

  6. Error: Could not connect to server
    Status: Waiting to retry…
    Status: Connecting to…
    Status: Connection attempt failed with "EACCES – Permission denied".

    Funny thing is I am NOT trying to connect to, it just does it like that and there is NO WAY I can fix this. I am using the newest version of Windows 10, all updates, when I plug this in and try to transfer games to it, my windows DOES NOT recognize it in the devices and drivers section either. No clue what to do here, a bit stumped and losing patients fast!
    Turned off my antivirus, turned off Windows Defender, STILL not connecting!

  7. so I followed your guide and turned out my window is 32 bit..
    and then I installed the 32bit filezilla.. and I can not connect..
    what should I do next just to connect to my PC ? please help

  8. is there a way of putting ps1 games directly on sd card that you stick in to the computer? i can get all the snes, nes, gba, sega, games on to the sd card but when i do ps1 games i get nothing.
    I also have hooked my rg350 up to 3 differnt computers and I dont get any kind of connection where i can download directly to the rg350 itself.

  9. This was exactly what I needed. Excellent job! You gotta subscribe and a thumbs up from me. Loving my RG350, and even more so as I'm finding out what this lil beast can do!

  10. Super helpful, thank you. I used WinSCP and I had to use a different cable.. the one they included with the RG350 only seems to charge my device and doesn't work for data transfer.

  11. Am I correct in assuming I cannot use a chrome book to get games uploaded on to this? I'll just level with ya…I am 100% totally NOT tech savvy at ALL and I have no clue what I'm doing here. I got this as a gift, I really did want it, but I've had it for 2 weeks now and I cant play it. I'm a dad of 2 young kids and I work a pretty strenuous job considering I broke my back a few years ago. And in order to care for my fam, I work a tough job. I'm always workin or hangin with my fam, and at night, I cant sleep very well because I'm in lots of pain all the time. This, is EXACTLY what I need to unwind at night, help put me go sleep etc. Im a huge fan of old school games, esp anything NES and would love to be able to play all my old favs…but any time I've tried to figure this out, I can't. It's getting pretty disheartening tbh. Any kind of help would be appreciated. I dont have a laptop or pc, I just have a chromebook and it's a little I need to go get one to start out?

  12. I dont know a damn thing about emulation but i tried emulating games with the snes mini. I had no trouble emulating some games but i downloaded extra copies of the same games and decided to add a couple ones while i clean up duplicate files. Then i lost all the games i previously emulated and using the same program (hakchi) and i struggle to emulate new ones. So i just ordered an rg350 and its already got cool games in it but its a lot and i cant remember all the ones on here. So with this concern in mind, If i do this to add a couple games, can i risk losing them all?

  13. Still too hard. At this price point, you should be able to plug it into a Windows PC, the SD and internal auto-populates, then you can add rom zip files anywhere. The device should be able to look for these zip files and play them from the emulator. All these steps are a MAJOR annoyance of the RG350 and other retro handhelds.

  14. Thanks a lot , just down loaded the file zilla BS and my computer was taken over by other shit programs it took me half an hour to get off. You must have some reason for using that program but you should tell people about the side effects when you do otherwise your just spreading sh!t.


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